Thursday, April 15, 2021

Hello there book lovers and worms! (bookworms lol)

 Hello there!

How is everyone's reading life? How is your TBR treating you? Have you been reading a lot or been laying low bookwise? Sorry for the perkiness of this post... I'm just very happy today. Dewey's 24-hour readathon is fast approaching, the sun is shining and I'm aaalmost over my reading slump! Life is good. Books are better than people. I love big books and I cannot lie. These are things I think about every day. HAHA. True story! 

My status on Discord is actually always: I love big books and I cannot lie. :)

Because I do often prefer bigger books, thicker, more pages or just like hardcovers that you can take care of and feel that THIS is a book! LOL. No, that's just some of my crazy thoughts. Books in any format are awesome. Big books just look good on my shelves.... I have a huge Alice in Wonderland that I got because I saw Hailey in Bookland had it lol. It is sooo pretty! It's huge, it's the Complete Alice. It's "my precious" :)

Today I am going to the sleep apnea nurse at our city's hospital. The trips there and back are really short, but I can read a book while I wait. They are sometimes late... Sometimes early though. But I am almost always ridiculously early everywhere, LOL.

Today will be a good day for reading. I might even go outside and read... The sun is shining and it's pretty warm. No snow anymore, no fear of slipping on ice lol. That's always good. I just have to choose what on earth to read... I'm hosting a book club discussion in May, and since my voice is still gone, my friend Luke from the UK will be my voice and read out loud my text that I have prepared then in advance. I chose "The neverending story" by Michael Ende and I am hosting because that book got most votes. Last time I read it was in the late 90's or early 00's so I am currently re-reading it. I switched to Swedish because my German is not so good lol.

Take care! :)

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