Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi !

Since it's Thanksgiving , I have been thinking about posting a list of the books I'm most thankful for . I'm going to narrow it down to a few ... 😊 The books I'm most thankful for are:

Les Misérables

The Harry Potter series

The Hunger Games

The weight of silence

The Neverending Story

There's so many more , but I can write about them later . I love Les Misérables . I am re-reading it now . It's such a beautiful story and it teaches a good lesson . We should not judge others ,  everybody can change , everyone should get another chance . I love the beautiful language in the book and it's so easy and quick to read. If you haven't already read Les Misérables , I strongly recommend that you do . It's a one of a kind story and so moving . I always cry when I read it .

Oops ! It is getting very late . I better go to bed . I'm going to continue with this list later .

Take care !

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